Penentuan Konduktivitas Listrik dan Frekuensi Karakteristik Sel Ragi dengan Memanfaatkan Proses Dielektroforesis

Much. Azam
Wahyu Setia Budi
Hermin Pancasakti

Dielectrophoresis (DEP) is a phenomenon where small particles such as yeast cells can be manipulated by nonuniformelectric fields. The net dielectrophoretic force is proportional to the polarisability of the cell. It causes the cell movingtowards higher field. By measuring the velocity of the cell on the various frequency of the electric field, it can be determinedthe electrical conductivity and the characteristic frequency of the yeast cell. From the experimental results it is obtained that theconductivity of the yeast cell is (10,0 ± 0,4)10-9 Sm-1, while the characteristic frequency is 60 kHz.