Neutrino Mass Hierarchy from Modified BM with Constraint Symmetry

Asan Damanik

The bimaximal (BM) neutrino mixing matrix was formulated in order to accommodate the data of the experimental results which indicate that both solar and atmospheric neutrino oscillation in vacuum are near maximal. But, after the T2K and Daya Bay Collaborations reported that the mixing angle q13 is nonzero and relatively large, many authors have modified the neutrino mixing matrix in order to accommodate experimental data. We modified the BM mixing matrix by introducing a simple perturbation matrix into BM mixing matrix. The modified BM mixing matrix can proceed the mixing angles which are compatible with the globat fit analysis data and by imposing the m - t symmetry into mass matrix from modified BM, we have the neutrino mass in normal hierarchy: m1 < m2 < m3.