Makalah Utama I: Physics and Applications of Graphene and 2-Dimensional materials

Prof. Dr. Hyeonsik Cheong

Graphene, a hexagonal honeycomb structure of carbon atoms, is attracting much interest for its novel physical properties as well as its potential as a new material for many applications. Because it is made of a single atomic layer of carbon atoms, it is the ultimate 2-dimensional system. Many novel physical phenomena such as the fractional quantum Hall effect, Klein tunneling, and Hofstadter’s butterfly have been observed. Furthermore, owing to its high electron mobility and superb thermal properties, it is expected to be used in future high-speed, large-integration electronic devices. The field has extended recently to include other class of 2-dimensional materials including transition metal dichalcogenides such as MoS2. These materials exhibit a new set of interesting physical phenomena and are expected to complement graphene in future applications. In this talk, I will review the recent progress in graphene and 2-dimensional materials research and introduce some future applications possibilities.