The Detection of A Testing Object in Powder and Liquid Material using Audio Sonic

Bambang Murdaka Eka Jati
Ani Mahmudah
Elfa Mega Prima Putri

The experiment for detecting an object in powder (as sand) and liquid (as water) material using audio sonic has been done. The background of this research is the reality that some experiments to detect and scan a body in organic and inorganic medium use some kind of wave in high energy, that is ultrasonic and also X-ray. The output of this research could be used as a basic technology to detect an object inside sand powder and also inside soft medium. This experiment uses two methods. The first method is using powder material which two objects (wood and also iron boxes) are placed in the powder, and also the microphone sensor placed next to the loudspeaker. The second one is using liquid medium which two objects (lying, and also standing soap) are placed inside the liquid. For the first method, the detection of an object testing is shown by the reflection of sound from the object. For the second method, the detection of an object is shown by the transmission of sound. The frequency of sound from the first method is 3000 Hz and from the second method is 5000 Hz. Finally, the voltage intensity trace could be seen on CRO monitor, where for the first method has been received at 210 mV and the second one is 75 mV.