133-135 Neutrino Masses from a Cobimaximal Neutrino Mixing Matrix

Asan Damanik

Recently, we have a confidence that neutrino has a tiny mass and mixing does exist among neutrino flovors as one can see from the experimental data that have been reported by many collaborations. Based on experimental data that flavor mixing does exist in neutrino sector which imply that all three mixing angles are nonzero, we derive the neutrino mass matrix from a cobimaximal neutrino mixing matrix. We also evaluate the prediction of neutrino mass matrix with texture zero from a cobimaximal neutrino mixing matrix on neutrino masses and effective Majorana mass. By using the advantages of experimental data, the obtained neutrino masses are m1 = 0.028188 eV, m2 = 0.029488 eV, and m3 = 0.057676 eV, , and the effective Majorana mass is <mββ> = 0.09896 eV that can be tested in future neutrinoless double beta decay experiments.