Magnetic and Transport Properties of Superconductor Having Slits

Harsojo Sabarman
Pekik Nurwantoro
Kamsul Abraha

We study the magnetic and transport properties of the superconductor having an array of slits in contact with nonvacuum materials when it is exposed under electric current and perpendicular magnetic fields. The size of the superconductoris in the mesoscopic scale. The study is to show the interesting phenomena related with the magnetic and transport propertiessuch as a significant enhancement of Meissner state, critical current and critical magnetic field. We study the phenomenausing time dependent Ginzburg-Landau equation. We calculate the spatial distribution of superconducting electron densitybased on the technique of gauge invariant variable. We use de Gennes extrapolation length to express various materials incontact with the inner holes sides and superconductor edges.